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The following are some frequently asked questions about Medical Malpractice and Professional Liability Insurance. 

If you have questions other than those listed below, please do not hesitate to call
our office for additional information. 

Baxter & Associates, LLC can be reached at:  (800) 641-8865

We look forward to servicing your needs!

►   What if I have Malpractice Claims?

Baxter & Associates represents several companies and can match the right carrier to
your unique situation.

►   What is the effective date?

The effective date is the first day you want coverage to begin. If you are changing
carriers, it will be the last day of your current policy. If you have not previously
had coverage, it will be the first day you start to provide services.

►   What is the expiration date?

Policies are usually issued for a one year period. If your effective date if December
1, 1999, your expiration date will be December 1, 2000. In some instances, policies
may be issued for a short term; however, consult with your insurance agent to confirm

►   What is your retro date?

Retro date actually means retroactive date. The retroactive date is 12:01 A.M.
Standard Time at your address and date requested on the policy's declaration page
which begins your policy's coverage period.

In most cases, the retroactive date is the first date on which you began providing
services and have maintained continuous medical malpractice insurance coverage.

It is important that you verify your retroactive date so that there will be no lapse
in coverage. Claims made coverage means coverage for claims resulting from injury
occurring after the retroactive date, provided the claim is reported to the carrier
while the policy is in force.

►   What is specialty?

Specialty is the area of medicine in which you have received training and for which
you will be providing services.

►   What is current limits?

Current limits are the amounts of monies for which you wish to be insured.

As an example, $250,000/$750,000 denotes the following:

You have available $250,000 in coverage for any one medical malpractice claim
against you for any one act of negligence.

$750,000 is available to you as an "aggregate".  Your insurance company will
not pay out more than $750,000 in any one year, regardless of the number of
negligent acts or claims.

►   Do I qualify for a New Physician Credit?

If you have completed you educational requirements and a fellowship, internship or
residency and are just starting to provide services within:

Last 12 months 75% credit
Last 24 months 50% credit
Last 36 months 35% credit

These discounts vary be insurance company.




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